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QuickTake 200 Viewfinder - At Long Last!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I purchased my QuickTake 200 camera. I got it at a great price considering it was almost complete in the box. The only things it was missing was the CD and the optical viewfinder clip-on attachment. I’ve seen some of the CDs come and go on eBay in the $15 range. If I saw one for $5 to $10 bucks I’d probably just get it to complete the set. No big deal. The CD I can live without.

What I really wanted to find was the viewfinder attachment. It’s pretty hard to find a QuickTake at a good price that still has one attached. It’s even harder to find one by itself. If you found one loose in a drawer somewhere, you’d sooner throw it out not remembering what it went to. Even if you remembered that it went to a camera that you tossed years ago, wouldn’t you just toss the viewfinder too? Still, it’s cool that someone would go to all the trouble of posting such a small little piece of plastic in the hopes that someone needed one for their 15+ year old camera. Like me.

Granted, they got $14 bucks for it. So I guess it was worth it!

QT200viewfinder_0014 13

It’s in really nice shape. Not a scratch.

QT200viewfinder_0015 14

It just clips right on.

QT200viewfinder_0017 16

It sort of looks like an afterthought. You’d think that they would have made the front clip a little more form-fitting over the Apple logo. Maybe they should have put an Apple logo on the clip too.

QT200viewfinder_0019 18

In any case, it nice to finally see the camera complete with the attachment.