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QuickTake 200 - Almost Complete

Another eBay score. Another QuickTake camera. This time, it’s the QuickTake 200! My collection is complete!

This is a pretty nice in-the-box QuickTake. It took me a few months to score one at this price. As of late, eBay sellers seemed to have gotten it in their heads that $200 is a fair price for a 15 year old camera. I beg to differ. I like my vintage cameras in the sub-$75 range. I finally scored this one for only $39.00! A steal. It’s all in the timing.

Pasted Graphic 807

Pasted Graphic 808

Pasted Graphic 809

Pasted Graphic 810

Although it looks complete, a quick scan of the owners manual reveals that it’s missing the QuickTake 200 CD as well as the optical viewfinder clip-on attachment. I’ll have to keep my eye out for those.

Pasted Graphic 811

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the user included the original 2MB Smart Media card, as well as the sleeve and the Apple stickers.

It was pretty clean, but I gave it the once-over with some alcohol. The battery well had a small amount of corrosion. It came right off with the alcohol and now looks as good as new.

Pasted Graphic 812

Pasted Graphic 813

Pasted Graphic 814

Pasted Graphic 815

I popped in 4 AA batteries and powered it on. The display leaves much to be desired, but this is 1997 we’re talking about. This was as good as it got. The fact that you could now see the picture you just took without having to connect it to the computer must have blown people’s minds!

Pasted Graphic 816

So how do the pictures look? I have no idea!

I snapped a few pics of the Macs in my computer room, but then realized that all my USB card readers can not read Smart Media cards. The QuickTake 200 requires a 68040 PowerPC with 16 MB of RAM. My Color Classic is too old.

I’ll just have to wait until I can find something to read the Smart Media card. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the fact that I can now see all three QuickTakes together.

Pasted Graphic 817

Pasted Graphic 818