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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

iPod Hi-Fi Bluetooth

It's only been two weeks since I picked up my iPod Hi-Fi, but my wife and I are already in love with it. It sounds great, and it fills the whole house. Not being able to use our iPhone 5 and 6 in the dock, we've grown accustomed to just connecting it to the audio input jack on the front via a cable connected to our phone's headphone jack.

It works, but it's not very ideal. When I'm sitting at the living room table working on my laptop, the phone is across the room. When I'm playing my music, I usually have it on shuffle. If a song comes up that I don't want to hear, I have to get up and press "next" on the phone. First world problems, but it messes with my workflow. Especially when I'm on a roll.

I thought about streaming the music to the Hi-Fi through an old Airport Express Base Station, but that would mean I'd have to fire up one of my old iMacs with Wi-Fi in order to connect to it, and install an old version of iTunes and drag all my music into it. It seemed like way more trouble than it was worth. Way more inconvenient that just getting up and pressing "next" on the iPhone.

So what am I to do? Bluetooth is the answer.

For $15 bucks, I picked up a 30-pin Bluetooth dock adapter. This thing is great. If you have an old 30-pin iPod/iPhone stereo and you can't connect your new iPhone 5 or 6 to, you just pop this Bluetooth dongle into the dock and stream your music to it.


It would have been nice to get one in white, but beggars can't be choosers.


Just like the iPhone 5 and 6, it seems anything "modern" doesn't charge in the dock. I though I was up the creek, but I had an epiphany.


I plugged the Bluetooth dongle into an iPhone 5 dock and power it with a generic 5V USB wall charger. It powered right up. I then connected the audio-out jack to the audio-in jack on the iPod Hi-Fi.


I then turned on Bluetooth on my iPhone and connected to the device I punched in the default password "0000" and connect to it without a problem.

hi-fi BT setup 1

Any music I play streams to the dongle and outputs to the iPod Hi-Fi. It just works, and it sounds great. Now my wife and I can connect to it on the fly without having to mess around with any cables, and have our phones at our sides while we go about our business.