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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

2006 iPod Hi-Fi

I’ve been wanting an Apple iPod Hi-Fi ever since they were released in 2006. However, I could never justify spending $399 on one. It was discontinued a year later. So I missed the boat. They are pretty collectible, and usually pretty expensive. They still sell for well over $200-$300 bucks on eBay. Half the time they don’t come with the box, the remote, or the doc adapters. More often than not, they're pretty beat up too. I’ve seen people selling these for $250 bucks with holes in the grill.

I took me almost 10 years, but I finally managed to score one complete in the box for only $199. And it’s damn-near mint. The box has seen better days, but it’s still in pretty good shape.

iPod_Hi-Fi_0005 (1)

It's only missing one dock adapter.


What a beauty! THere's not a mark on it. It's needs a little cleaning, but other than that, it looks brand new. The grill is perfect. No holes.


I've seen plenty of these being sold on eBay with broken grill clips and dents in the speakers.


This one is perfect. I love when people take care of their things.


The bottom was a little dirty…


…but it cleaned up nicely with some alcohol.


Same for the volume buttons on top.


A little alcohol and a soft rag, and they were good to go.


I plugged in a period-appropriate iPod to complete the look. Then again, an iPhone 5 or 6 won't fit in the dock with a Lightning Connector. I trie an iPhone 4, bit it too didn't work.


The iPod works, and trust me, it sounds amazing. I've read the reviews, but I was always skeptical despite everyone telling me how amazing they sound. I knew it had to sound pretty damn good to demand a $400 price tag, but I didn't expect it to sound that good. It's amazing, and it's also vey, very loud.

I love vintage Apple tech. This one, being almost 10 years old and discontinued, I guess counts as "vintage". It's also great that despite being a discontinued, vintage item, it'll be used all the time.