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New 30G White Video iPod

Dumb me. I decided to use my Video iPod as a test fixture for my iPod repair endeavor. Since I know my logic board works as well as the hard drive, I should be able to determine from the other 5 from eBay what is good and what is bad. In the process of swapping hard drives around, I somehow managed to kill my iPod. I get the dreaded “1418” error message in iTunes.

For the past week I have tried everything to restore my iPod. All without success. I have combed the user forums. I’ve Googled and guessed. Still nothing. I have tried iTunes 6 and 7 on a PC and a Mac, as well as the original 1.0 iPod Restore Utility that came with the iPod. Still nothing.

I took my iPod to the Apple store to see if a Genius could help me. All he did was hook it up to his Mac, launch iTunes and say, “Yup, I’m getting the 1418 error too.” That’s pretty much the end of the road for this iPod.

I decided to buy a new 5.5G iPod and sell the old 5G on eBay for parts or repair. I went with the classic white iPod. All previous iPod generations have been white. It’s somewhat of a tradition. I got the black 5G when it came out because it looks so good. But when I think “iPod” I think “white”. My whole Apple theme is white. So it made sense to buy a white one. Plus, I wanted that “new” iPod feel. If I came home with another black 5G, I don’t think it would have felt like a new iPod.

Pasted Graphic 31

I am very happy with my new 30G Video. The display is much, much brighter than the previous 5G. I don’t think I’ll be cracking this one open anytime soon!

Pasted Graphic 30