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iPod Touch Repair

A friend of mine gave me his broken 1st generation iPod touch.

Pasted Graphic 235

As you can tell from the above picture, the LCD is OK, but the touch screen digitizer is smashed:

Pasted Graphic 236

The bezel is scratched all around and the corners are all chipped:

Pasted Graphic 237

The back cover is in pretty bad shape too:

Pasted Graphic 238

For less than $40 in parts, I can have this baby looking out-of-the-box new.

Time to score some parts off eBay.

Touch screen digitizer - $13.20 ..........check.
Bezel - $12.45 ..........check
Home Button - $2.75 ..........check

Pasted Graphic 239

Back cover - $6.99 ..........check

Pasted Graphic 240

Case - 49 cents..........check

Pasted Graphic 241



1.Open ‘er up

Using one of those plastic “spluger” tools that iPod parts come with, inch around the case to open it up.

Pasted Graphic 242

Pasted Graphic 243

2. Move the antenna cover and sleep/wake switch over:

Pasted Graphic 244

3.Liberate the Logic Board

Flip the battery out of the way. It is heavily glued to the LCD.

Once the battery is out of the way, remove these 6 screws:

NOTE: You may have to remove a small piece of black tape that is covering the 2 top screws.


Pop these two tabs off:


Dislodge the antenna board from the frame. Once that is done, you should be able to remove the bottom portion of the logic board from the frame.


Once the bottom portion of the logic board has been removed from the frame, you can then remove the top portion. Be carful, the underside of the logic board that engages the Home Button is heavily glued to the frame.


4.All that has to be done now is move all the logic over to the new parts.

I failed to take pictures of the reassembly process, so all I can tell you is that you have to just do the above in the opposite order.

And viola! A brand new looking iPod touch...

Pasted Graphic 245

Pasted Graphic 246 and all! Not bad for $36 bucks!

Pasted Graphic 247