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Think Different Posters

Who knew these things were worth so much money? Apple released these “Think Different” posters in 1997. Part of what makes them so valuable is that you couldn’t just walk into a store and buy them. They were only made available to schools and teachers.

In the US, Apple released 10 different “Think Different” posters. They were available in 2 sizes: 24x36 and 11x17. The 11x17’s were only available as a 30 pack, in which you got 3 complete sets of all 10 posters.

In the UK, the posters were not 24x36. They were 20x28. Maybe something to do with the whole “Letter” vs. “A4” thing.

I have seen some Apple-goodie sites selling the 24x36’s for over $500! The 11x17’s go anywhere from $100-$300. eBay is full of these posters, but a lot of them are fakes and reproductions. You have to do a little research so you know what to look for. I have been keeping my eye on eBay for a few weeks looking for the real deal.

I managed to score the 20x28 Buzz Aldrin and the 24x36 Albert Einstein. Buzz was a mere $40. A steal. Einstein was a little more, $68. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen those go for over $500, so that’s a steal.

They say 2 is a coincidence, 3 is a collection. But I like to think with these two, the collection has already begun!

Pasted Graphic 469

Pasted Graphic 470

They look awesome in my cube at work. Looks like the beginnings of an Apple museum! Funny, you can see my reflection taking the picture with my iPhone.

Pasted Graphic 471