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Do you need old system software disks to boot your vintage Mac?

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

Stockpiling 5.25" Floppies

Looks like RescueMyClassicMac is going to soon start offering Apple II software on 5.25” floppies. I just got my hands on 100 x 5.25 floppies in unopened boxes. It’s just too bad they have “Manufactured in Canada” on them. That looks pretty tacky.

Pasted Graphic 1193
Pasted Graphic 1194

I just need a little more hardware in order to get images off the internet and onto 5.25s. With all the hardware I have, it’s easy enough to get stuff off the internet and onto 800k disks. Getting them onto 5.25s will in turn require yet another hop.

Maybe an Apple IIe card for my Color Classic? I might also be able to do it by putting an Apple II 3.5 Disk Controller Card and a 3.5” UniDisk Drive on the IIe. It all depends on what hardware becomes available via eBay sooner.

For now, I might have to just stick with making copies of what I already have using the IIe and //c. Unfortunately, that will be pretty time consuming since both machines only have one drive. I might have to pick up another drive for each machine to make disk-to-disk copying faster. We’ll see.

As always, I just need a little patience.