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Can You Believe I Paid $10 for a Rubber Foot?

The case that came with my Macintosh Portable was missing a foot. Despite that, it’s in really great shape. I’d love to get my hands on another foot, but what are the odds of finding one? It’s hard enough just finding a case, let alone a replacement foot!

Pasted Graphic 1359

What are the odds that I’d find a guy on eBay selling replacement feet less than a month later? I thought I’d never see one. They were $10 bucks a pop. Pretty expensive, I agree, but much cheaper than buying a new case. I’ve seen these cases go for a good $80-$100. $10 bucks for a foot seems like a good deal to restore this awesome looking vintage case to its original glory.

Pasted Graphic 1358

I’ve had it airing out for a few weeks and the cologne smell is almost gone. However, the musty basement smell that the seller attempted to mask with said cologne is returning. I’m going to have to have it cleaned at some point.

The foot is a nice fit with the others and has about the same wear and tear. It’s the one on the bottom left.

Pasted Graphic 1360

Whatever was there to secure the foot is long gone. I might have to glue in some pegs or dowels or something and hot glue the foot to the pegs. If that’s the case, it probably won’t survive a spin in the washer. So I’ll have to have it cleaned before I repair it.

Now, I just need to find another battery for the Portable and I’m good to go.