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Radtech ScreenSavrz

I came home the other day to find a greasy smudge on my pristine 30” Apple Cinema Display. One of the kids must have gotten up on the chair and touched the LCD while I was at work. My wife also informed me that if my 17 month old was but a foot taller he would have scratched the display with the light saber he was swinging. At that point I decided that I needed a good solution for keeping the 30” clean and free of dust, fingerprints, and scratches.

I searched the internet high and low and I could only find one cover made for a 30” Cinema Display. Radtech, makers of some really cool Apple accessories, puts out a line of notebook and LCD screen protectors called “Screen Savrz” They are pricey, but when you’re the only game in town you can pretty much charge whatever you want.

My Screen Savrz just came in the mail today. Don’t get me wrong. It feels nice, appears durable, and looks pretty cool. I just don’t think it’s worth the $55 I spent. I’d peg it at $22.99. I think they should also get the “Worst Packing of the Year Award” too. I’ve seen OEM packaging that looked better. I mean really, a ziplock bag? It has something to do with their “War on Waste” eco-friendly packaging policy.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for an Apple Cinema Display protector, check out Radtech. They are expensive, but like my wife said, “$50 bucks for a cover, of $1800 for a new LCD?”

Worst. Packaging. Ever.
A ziplock bag and a wrinkled piece of paper.

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