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1994 QuickTake Travel Case

The QuickTake Travel Case is a hard one to come by. Even more so in mint condition. I was pretty lucky to find this one for only $41.

The box shows some wear and tear but overall not bad for being almost 20 years old.

Pasted Graphic 1424

Pasted Graphic 1423

Pasted Graphic 1422

Pasted Graphic 1421

Complete with paperwork...

Pasted Graphic 1420

...and plastic bags.

Pasted Graphic 1419

Removing the carrying case reveals the leather grip and the strap...

Pasted Graphic 1418

...all in original bags.

Pasted Graphic 1417

I can’t believe how good these smell! This is some quality leather. After almost 20 years they smell like new!

Pasted Graphic 1416

Each piece has the Apple logo embossed on it. Very nice.

Pasted Graphic 1415

Pasted Graphic 1414

The case sill has the “inspected by” insert inside.

Pasted Graphic 1413

Pasted Graphic 1412

The grip is a really tight fit and took a bit of effort to put on. The QuickTake looks pretty cool wrapped in leather.

Pasted Graphic 1411

Pasted Graphic 1410

Pasted Graphic 1409

The camera fit nicely inside with the leather grip on. Pretty cool.

Pasted Graphic 1408

I’ll probably keep the carrying case in the box. I’ll leave the grip on the camera. It looks pretty cool on the shelf with it.

Pasted Graphic 1407