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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

1995 QuickTake AC Adapter

According to the owner’s manual, Apple recommends powering your QuickTake camera via an AC adapter when you’re transferring images to your Mac. Apparently the process uses a lot of battery power. The QuickTake never came with an AC adapter. You had to buy it separately. In a pinch you can use a PowerBook adapter as long as it’s the 7.5V one.

Look what popped up on eBay: a 1995 QuickTake AC Adapter mint in the box! I scored this guy for only $15 bucks! It’s never been used!

Pasted Graphic 1435

I really like the packaging style on this. It has grey and white Apple logos as well as a no-frills, minimalist look. It’s strange that it doesn’t really follow the style of the rest of the QuickTake boxes, or anything else of the early to mid 90s that I can think of.

Pasted Graphic 1434

I didn’t think Apple did away with the rainbow logo until 1998 with all the iMac and iBook stuff. Look, my OS 8 box from 1997 has rainbow logos....

Pasted Graphic 1433

...and my OS 8.5 box from 1998 has black and white logos.

Pasted Graphic 1432

I scoured the internet and Wikipedia seems to agree that Apple didn’t change to a monochrome color scheme until the launch of the iMac. Is this some sort of rare item no one knows about? Was Apple dabbling with the idea of dropping the rainbow logo as far back as 1995?

Anyway, back to the box...not bad for being over 15 years old. There’s a sticker on the bottom of the box and some damage from tape being removed, but I’ve seen worse. For $15 bucks, I can’t complain.

Pasted Graphic 1431

All the paperwork is included too, and the cord still has the plastic on it.

Pasted Graphic 1430

Pasted Graphic 1429

Mint! Not so much as a single mark.

Pasted Graphic 1428

Pasted Graphic 1427

The QuickTake shelf is looking pretty full.

Pasted Graphic 1426

I know Apple put out an external battery pack for the 100/150, as well as Smart Media cards for the QuickTake 200. I’d love to have those in the boxes too. I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled.