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Quicktake 100 - Almost Complete!

Not more than two weeks ago I scored a QuickTake 100. It was missing the manual and the floppy disks, but I grabbed it anyway because it had the box. It was the first one on eBay that I’ve seen with the box. I have seen manuals and disks available separately, so I figured I’d go for it.

Less than two weeks later, another one popped up on eBay. This time it had the disks, the manual, and a power supply. I jumped on it.

Pasted Graphic 661

I just got it in the mail. Unfortunately I think it came with the wrong power supply. The manual states to use a M2851LL/A PowerBook adapter. I looked up the specs on that and it’s a 7.5V/1A power supply. The one I received is a PowerBook adapter, but it’s model M5140. This one puts out 7.5V/2A. I’m afraid to use it since it might blow up my camera.

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Also, I didn’t realize that there are supposed to be 3 disks. This new one did come with 3 disks, but one is a copy. Bummer. I guess the original went missing, or was damaged.

Pasted Graphic 663

So, between the two purchases, I almost have a complete set. I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

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