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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

QuickTake 100

Next up in my Apple Optics Collection is the QuickTake 100 from 1993. This is the first digital camera available to the public. It retailed for $750!!!

Pasted Graphic 647

Pasted Graphic 648

Pasted Graphic 649

Pasted Graphic 650

Pasted Graphic 651

Pasted Graphic 652

As far as the camera goes, there’s pretty much no difference between the 100 and the 150. Resolution? Same. Storage capacity? Same.

However, the 100 did not come with a close-up lens attachment. Instead, it came with a battery charger. (The 150 used an AC adapter that was sold separately.)

Pasted Graphic 653 Pasted Graphic 654

I got this guy in the box for $58. I paid more than I should have considering the manual and software are missing. l’ll probably keep my eye out for another one and then throw this back up on eBay if I get lucky. I just had to have it!

It’s in nice condition. It does had one or two small scuffs, but nothing major. (I think my 150 looks a little better.)

Pasted Graphic 655

Pasted Graphic 656

Pasted Graphic 657

I threw in some AAs and turned it on. It works!

Pasted Graphic 658

The optics collection is almost complete. I just need a QuickTake 200 and I’m good to go.

Pasted Graphic 659