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Have We Talked About Protection?

Protecting your iPod is so important. It’s not cheap. You have to keep it looking new and scratch free if you’re going to sell it some time down the road. A scratch on an iPod is like a dent on a BMW, you can’t let it happen!

I swung by Best Buy on the way home today and picked up whatever wasn’t too expensive. It seems that if you can get the word “iPod” on your packaging, you can charge an extra $10. I mean, $30 for an iPod case? Ridiculous. I managed to find a nice clear plastic case for under $20 that should give my Nano all the protection that it needs/deserves. As for the Shuffle, those gel-skin covers that are common look cheap and ugly. I instead opted for the metal slip-on shield variety. They had a three pack for $10. I guess you can’t go wrong.

So $30 later, my Shuffle and Nano are now well protected.

The Nano case is from DLO. The Shuffle case is from INIT.


The Shuffle 3 pack came with a free trial from eMusic + 35 free downloads.


The silver looks the best.


There’s a nice layer of foam between the Shuffle and the case.


The DLO case also has an optional belt clip. I don’t think I’ll be using that. Maybe if they left it clear. The white plastic looks cheap.


See, I’m just not feeling the two-tone look.


Not exactly the best cases on the market, but I don't want to drop $50 on cases.
I think they look pretty good. They are more than well protected, which is the most important thing.