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Printing With the Apple Scribe

Now that my Apple Scribe Printer restoration is complete and I’ve scored myself an Apple //c, it’s time to try and get this guy to print. I just need a few more things: a ribbon and a printer cable.

I’ve been watching eBay for the past few weeks trying to score a printer cable. It’s just obscene that someone would ask $30 for an old printer cable, but it happened. I’m not paying $30 for a cable when I got the printer for .99 cents. I’ll hold out on principle alone.

My patience paid off. After a few weeks of waiting, I finally found a guy who posted a 25 pin serial to 5 pin DIN printer cable for just $7 bucks. It’s generic, but it’ll do.

Pasted Graphic 1304

Pasted Graphic 1303

As for the ribbon, luckily there was one to be had for only $1.95. I can’t believe these were $5 a pop back in the ‘80s and they were only good for 50 pages of text. It’s no wonder people complained about this printer being expensive.

Pasted Graphic 1302

Pasted Graphic 1301

Let’s get to it. I installed the ribbon, fed it a piece of paper, and connected it to my Apple //c.

Pasted Graphic 1300

I then fired up AppleWorks. From the main menu, I choose Option 5 for “Other Activities” to add a printer.

Pasted Graphic 1299

From there I chose “Apple Scribe” as my printer, set it to Port 1, and gave it a name.

Pasted Graphic 1298

I then returned to the main menu to create a new document.

Pasted Graphic 1297

Once I created a “this is a test” document, I pressed “open-apple-p” to print. The print menu was displayed.

Pasted Graphic 1296

I selected option 3 for my Apple Scribe, pressed RETURN, selected 1 copy, and pressed RETURN again. With that, the printer made a noise, started to print.......and then ate the ribbon.

Cheap cartridges! Then again, this thing is almost 30 years old. I guess there’s only so much you can ask. At least the printer works!

Pasted Graphic 1295

I cracked the cartridge open and taped it back together.

Pasted Graphic 1294

Good as new.

Pasted Graphic 1293

Not that I’m going to be printing a lot, or at all for that matter. It’s just nice to know that the printer actually works and it’s not a paperweight.