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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

1993 PowerCD

I just occurred to me that I never blogged about the PowerCD that I purchased for $100 last July. I wonder how that happened?

Anyway, here goes....

Pasted Graphic 1401

Pasted Graphic 1400

The PowerCD was released in 1993 for $499. Pretty pricey for a CD player, but then again, not only is it the coolest CD player ever, but it also doubles as a CD-ROM drive. The AppleCD 300 was $599 at the time, so the PowerCD was really the better buy. You could also take this little guy on the go as a portable CD player. Removing the side panel reveals a battery compartment.

Pasted Graphic 1402

On the other side you’ll find a headphone jack, volume control, and audio out port.

Pasted Graphic 1399

You can also detach the main unit from the base, although I don’t know what function that would serve seeing as power comes from the base.

Pasted Graphic 1398

The black connector on the back is a video/audio port. You can use it to connect the PowerCD to your TV and play picture CDs, and control the whole thing with the remote.

Pasted Graphic 1397

Pasted Graphic 1396

The button on the top left is the power button. Pressing the button on the top/middle opens the tray.

Pasted Graphic 1395

Once the tray is open, the natural tendency is to want to place the CD right on the center spindle like other portables, but the CD actually drops into the front of the door.

Pasted Graphic 1394

I located the PowerCD Setup disk image on Apple’s support page and wrote it to an 800K floppy.

Pasted Graphic 1393

I then ran the installer.

Pasted Graphic 1392

I connected the PowerCD to my Mac SE by chaining it to my SCSI Zip drive. I set the SCSI ID to 3 so there’s no conflicts with my other devices. I popped in my System 7.5 CD to try it out. The PowerCD automatically detected that a data CD is in the tray...

Pasted Graphic 1391

...and mounted the CD on the desktop. It works.

Pasted Graphic 1390

I hooked up my AppleDesign speakers and tried some music. To no surprise, that works just like you’d expect.

Pasted Graphic 1389

Apple also put out a black version of the AppleDesign Speakers to match the PowerCD and the PowerBook.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!