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Officially Just Ran Out of Poster Space

I picked up 3 more posters back in January, but I couldn’t hang them until Michaels put their Trendsetter poster frames on sale. 24 x 36 frames are usually $35 bucks a pop. I wasn’t about to drop over $100 bucks on frames when I can get them for half that. It’s common for Michaels to put them on a 40-50% sale, so I figured I’d wait. I managed to get them on sale this week. They were supposed to be buy-one-get-one-free, but the cashier rang them up at the regular price. I asked her to get the manager so we could sort it out. She said not all the frames were on sale, but I convinced her otherwise. Needless to say, I got them on sale. Score!

Not only am I happy with getting the frames for half off, I got the posters for a pretty good deal too.

1999 MacWorld iBook “go”, 24” x 36” for $16.50
1999 iMac “Yum”, 24” x 36” for $20.55

Pasted Graphic 1364

2001 “Your life. To Go”, 22” x 28” for 99 cents

Pasted Graphic 1365

With that, I think I’m officially out of poster space. I had to take down the LEGO Happy Mac and the Picasso book cover that I framed. I’ll have to find those homes. I might just leave them on the window sill for now.

Pasted Graphic 1366

I can’t believe the “Your life. To Go” was only a buck! That helps offset the cost of the other ones. Averaged out, that makes each of the posters about $13 bucks. Not bad.