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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

Newton 130

I scored this awesome Newton-in-the-box for a $100 with a modem and a Newton 100 with 2MB flash card. A very nice deal indeed.

This thing looks just like the 110 and 120! Hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

Another great addition to the Newton collection, which is only 2 models from being complete. (The 2000 and 2100.)

Looks like it might have been purchased overseas. There’s a lot of Chinese stickers and stuff all over the place.

Pasted Graphic 605

Pasted Graphic 606

Disks, cables, and manuals galore.

Pasted Graphic 607

Pasted Graphic 608

Pasted Graphic 609

Also part of the deal was a Newton Modem.

Pasted Graphic 610

Pasted Graphic 611

Pasted Graphic 612

It’s in really nice shape. There’s a few tiny little scuffs, but no major damage.

Pasted Graphic 613

Pasted Graphic 614

Pasted Graphic 615

Cool, original stylus and card insert.

Pasted Graphic 616

I popped in some batteries and took it for a spin.

Pasted Graphic 617

OK, so just for a recap....that brings to Newton collection to 5. Two more to go!

Pasted Graphic 618