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Newton MessagePad 110 & 120

The Newton collection got off to a great start with the eMate 300. I can’t wait to collect them all! I managed to score this mega-lot of Newton goodness for less than $100. I scored a Newton 110, Newton 120, a charging station, batteries packs, charger, carry case, and some documentation.

Pasted Graphic 524

The box is a little beat up, but I’ll take it. Boxes in any condition are cool!

Pasted Graphic 525

Pasted Graphic 526

The charging station works too. I managed to charge all 3 batteries.

Pasted Graphic 527

The seller threw in this charger too. It doesn’t go with either the Newton 110, or the Newton 120, but I’ll take it. It’ll come in handy one day.

Pasted Graphic 528

Two batteries came in these carrying case, a third was in one of the Newtons. I’m glad there was no corrosion on them.

Pasted Graphic 529

The batteries don’t hold much of a charge anymore, but enough for me to see that both the Newtons power up without a problem.

Pasted Graphic 530

Newton 110

The Newton 110 is in great shape. There’s hardly a mark on it. There is one problem though, all the screws and the IR port cover are missing. So I’ll probably have to pick up an ugly beat up one on the cheap and steal the screws/cover out of it.

Pasted Graphic 531

Pasted Graphic 532

Pasted Graphic 533

A handy-dandy carrying case! Nice.

Pasted Graphic 534

Newton 120

Oooh! 2 Megs of RAM! This one is practically mint. Not a mark on it.

Pasted Graphic 535

Pasted Graphic 536

Pasted Graphic 537

Both Newtons came with a stylus too!

Pasted Graphic 538

For now, I just have them all laid out on a shelf. I’ll have to figure out a way to showcase them better. Maybe I’ll make some kind of stand for them, like an iPod dock or something.

Pasted Graphic 539