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The New iPad Smart Case

So the kids and I headed over to Yonkers today to check out the grand opening of Apple’s new store at Ridge Hill. It’s always fun to join in on the fanfare and pick up a free shirt.


While I was there, I figured I’d pick up a new Smart Case for my wife’s iPad. The DODOCase she’s been using is falling apart.

ipadsmartcover_0001 (1)

There’s many colors to choose from. She’s a big fan of neutral colors so I didn’t think she’d go for the blue, red, pink, or green ones. Usually I’d go with black for these sort of things, but Apple doesn’t sell it in black. Our iPad 1 has a black case, so I wanted it to stand out from that anyway, so it’s just as well. I got her the dark grey one. They also sell one in light grey that looks pretty nice, but the kids will get it filthy.




The inside is pretty nice, soft and velvety.



The iPad fits nice and snug. I don’t think it’s going to fall out any time soon.


Finally! My wife can take pictures and use the rear camera during FaceTime. The biggest flaw with the DODOCase was that it didn’t have a hole for the camera. What a design flaw!


The nice thing about the Smart Case is that the front cover rolls up to provide a stand for the iPad. A very handy feature.