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1984 Mouse House

Back in 1984 my Dad picked up one of these for our Mac. It was pretty funny. Our cat loved it too. Not that she knew it was a mouse. She used to grab it and run all over the house with it. She’d even drag it off to bed and sleep with it all the time. Dogs like slippers, cats like furry mouse covers. Go figure.

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Anyway, we never had the heart to get rid of it. No matter how old and tattered it looked. Years passed and the Mac came and went, yet the Mouse House remained.

Fast forward to 2001.

My sister’s boyfriend was heading off to college. She was giving him a ride to the airport in the morning, so he decided to spend the night. Somehow the cat managed to drop the Mouse House in the boyfriend’s suitcase. The next few days my sister went nuts looking for the cat’s plaything, to no avail. The next time she was on the phone with him she asked him if he’d happened to see it the last time he was over. “Oh yeh, that thing. I found it in my suitcase.”, he replied. My sister said, “Cool! I’ve been looking all over for it. Just bring it back the next time you’re home.” To which he replied, “Oh. I threw it out.” My sister freaked!

He threw it out! Can you believe it? I wasn’t even his and he threw it out. My sister had even made a point of telling him that we’d had it for almost 20 years and that it was the cat’s favorite toy, and he threw it out anyway! What a jerk!

Fast forward to 2012.

I never thought for a minute that such an old and obscure oddity like the Mouse House would ever pop up on eBay. Who would have known over 10 years later I’d find one mint in the box for $15 bucks?

Not that I’m actually going to use it, I bought it just as a gag. Just to see the look on my sister’s face when she sees that I got it back!

I showed it to her and all she could say was, “Tigger’s mouse!!!!!”

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