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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

I Visited the Mothership. (Really ths time!)

After years of wanting to blow mad cash at the Company Store, I finally got the chance to visit 1 Infinite Loop.

I was in San Diego for my brother’s wedding. So I took the opportunity to spend a day in Cupertino. I hopped on a flight up to San Francisco airport, rented a car, and rode down to Apple HQ.

It was quite the adventure. All that airport action and car renting/driving just to check out an Apple Store? It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If anything just to say I was there. Now at least I can wear my “I Visited the Mothership” shirt with pride.

As an added treat, I saw Steve Jobs himself driving past the main entrance as I approached it. He stopped at the crosswalk and looked left, and then drove off. I looked him right in the face. It was totally him. It happened too fast for me to take a picture.

So here it it, 1 Infinite Loop, in all its glory:

Pasted Graphic 143

Pasted Graphic 144

Pasted Graphic 142

Here’s a shot of me, kindly taken by the girl behind the counter.

Pasted Graphic 145

Totally worth the $230 in airfare/rental just to check the place out and drop some cash on Apple schwag. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else. The crap on eBay are all knockoffs.

Like I said, it was an adventure; something to do on a day in California when my brother had to work, and the wife took the kids to the beach.

Here’s all the Apple goodies I bought. I wish they had some coffee mugs, but they were all sold out.

Pasted Graphic 151

Pasted Graphic 147

Pasted Graphic 148

Pasted Graphic 149

Yeh, now that’s what I’m talking about! What else would you put in a picture frame that has an Apple logo on it?

Pasted Graphic 150