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MobileMe for $25 bucks!

I’m a big fan of MobileMe. Some people do nothing but complain about it, but I can’t find a better deal for the money. It’s usually $99 a year. That’s $8.25 a month for 20 Gigs of online storage, the ability to sync all you email, contacts, calendars, etc across multiple machines. Not to mention Back to My Mac, Web Galleries, 1-click iWeb publishing, and a host of other services. $8.25 is a great deal. If you shop around you can find MobileMe for a little cheaper. Amazon usually sells it for $70-80 bucks. That brings the monthly cost down to about $6 bucks. That’s a pretty good deal if you think about all you get. And if you’re like me and you have more than one Mac as well as an iPhone, you’ll quickly see why MobileMe’s Push service is so great. Even if you only take advantage of one or two services, it’s still a great deal.

Being as reluctant as I am to “go retail”, I hopped on eBay looking for the ultimate deal. eBay is always good to me. Again, I was not let down. I found someone selling a mint-in-the-unopened-retail-box for $50 bucks. That’s half off retail! The $99 Apple price tag was still on the back. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, I also had a $25 PayPal coupon that I applied at checkout. That brought the price down to a mere $25 bucks. So, 20 Gigs of online storage, syncing, Web Galleries, Back to My Mac, and web access to Mail, Contacts, iCal and my iDisk, all for $2 a month. I doesn’t get any better than that!

So, to all the people that I’ve heard have been having a hard time justifying the $99 bucks, check out eBay before you head down to your local Apple Store.

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