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Do you need old system software disks to boot your vintage Mac?

It's fun to look back at old Apple emails. Check them out.

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

I Scored a Macintosh LC III for Free!

One of my coworkers was cleaning out the basement and found an old Macintosh LCIII. He gave it to me for free.

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The hard drive is dead, but that’s an easy fix. He had all the original system disks and cables. He also gave me a SCSI CD-ROM, a Style Writer, all the manuals, and a mint sheet of rainbow Apple logo stickers.

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I gave the whole thing a good cleaning. It was pretty dirty. I hooked it all up and powered it on. I was greeted with a floppy and a question mark. It looked like the hard drive was dead. I inserted the System 7 installer disk and the computer booted just fine. So I knew at least the computer worked as well as the floppy drive. I opened up the machine to have a look at what type of drive it used. It’s an old SCSI drive. I don’t have any spare SCSI drives lying around so I figured I’d just give all the connectors a little wiggle, reseat everything and try again. Wouldn’t you know it, it powered right up and booted to a desktop! Awesome.

I took it to work today and set it up in the corner of my cube. What a nice piece of computer history. And a nice conversational piece. I had a few people stop by and say “Cool! Haven't seen one of those in years!”

Now if only I had a Mac SE there too!

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