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Do you need old system software disks to boot your vintage Mac?

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

My New Mac SE

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Mac SE ever since my Dad got one over 20 years ago. Besides my Mac Pro, I think it’s still the best computer ever made.

I picked this beauty up on eBay. An original SE with a 40M hard drive upgrade, an external 800K floppy drive, carry case, keyboard, mouse, and a bunch of system disks. All for $70. A steal!

As far as cosmetics go, the plastics are pretty much free from dings and scratches. This machine was well taken care of. It does show serious signs of aging in the form of the normal, and much expected, yellowing. But it still works as well as it did over 20 years ago! It’s amazing you can get such a classic piece of vintage computing history on eBay for so cheap and not have to do any repairs on it. You show me one Dell from 20 years ago that is worth $70 bucks and is still rockin’ after all these years and I’ll give you a million dollars for it!

I can’t wait to restore this computer. It’s going to look awesome next to my Mac Plus!

Pasted Graphic 510

Pasted Graphic 511

Pasted Graphic 512

Pasted Graphic 513

Pasted Graphic 514

Pasted Graphic 515

Pasted Graphic 516

Pasted Graphic 517

Pasted Graphic 518

Pasted Graphic 519

Next up is the restoration process...