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Macintosh LCIII Repair

My LCIII has always given me trouble every since I got it way back in 2008. Half the time it didn’t boot, and when it did, the hard drive sounded like it was praying for a quick death.

The floppy drive was shot; as well as the PRAM battery.

To add insult to injury, the power button on the monitor doesn’t stay pressed in unless I jam a pen cap in it. Yeah, it’s a mess.

I happened to source a few old SCSI hard drives of the early 90s vintage from a friend at work. They were perfect for the LCIII.

Pasted Graphic 198

I picked up a 1.44/800/400 “Superdrive” from eBay. The drive wasn’t exactly made for this model, so I had to jam a few pieces of cardboard in between the floppy drive and the power supply to push it up against the slot of the enclosure. It’s a hack, but it works.

Pasted Graphic 199

I also picked up a new PRAM battery.

Pasted Graphic 200

The good thing about the LC III is that it opens like the hood of a car, and everything just drops right it. Couldn’t get any easier.

I quick install of OS 7 and I was back in business.

Pasted Graphic 201

Now, I just have to sort out that pen cap problem.

Pasted Graphic 202