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Macintosh 512K #2 - Now With More Rust!

I scored another 512K on eBay for $36 bucks. All I really want it for is for the 400K floppy drive. This one looked pretty beat up in the auction. I figured I’d take my chances. If the floppy works, then everything else is a freebie.

The guys said it turned on and asked for a disk, so I figured it “works”. Well, it does turn on, but the floppy doesn’t work. Bummer.

This thing is pretty rusted out too. The guy failed to mention water damage in the auction, but in his defense, he did say he got it at an estate sale. So he’d have no idea of the conditions in which it had spent the past 25 years. It’s probably been sitting in a musty old basement. I can’t really complain. You get what you pay for.

Anyway. I’ll see what I can do as far as cleaning it up and making it purr again. Maybe I’ll just throw it back up on eBay. We’ll see.

Pasted Graphic 301

The case is really scratched up. This one’s not for looking at really. I think it’s going to be “for parts only”.

Pasted Graphic 302

Pasted Graphic 303

The battery cover is missing and there’s green corrosion on the battery contacts. All the ports are rusty. The case is filthy.

Pasted Graphic 304

I popped the cover off and all this crap fell out. Dead bugs and all.

Pasted Graphic 305

It’s pretty rusty.

Pasted Graphic 306

Pasted Graphic 307

Did I mention the spider webs?

Pasted Graphic 308

There’s a lot of corrosion on the board too...

Pasted Graphic 309

.. as well as rusty ports.

Pasted Graphic 310


Pasted Graphic 311

It’s just all bad inside. I don’t get a “bing” either when I turn it on. Then again, it’s amazing that it even turns on at all.

There’s really nothing salvageable at all. Maybe the CRT, but that’s about it.

Pasted Graphic 312