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My Leopard Dilemma

OK, here’s the dilemma: I’ve been waiting a year for the release of OS X 10.5 and all its “Leopard” goodness. Apple just announced today that Leopard will be shipping in 10 days (Oct 26th) and is now accepting pre-orders. So what’s the problem? The problem is I’m all saved up for a new Mac Pro, and quite frankly, there ain’t no new Mac Pro! What’s a fan-boy to do? I told myself I would hold out on the Mac Pro purchase until it shipped with Leopard, thus saving myself $129 on the OS and $79 on iLife 08. I was certain that as Leopard approached, a hardware refresh of the Mac Pro would be released. So far, the Mac Pro has remained unchanged since its introduction over a year ago; and no, I don’t count the 8 core BTO option as a new machine. Rumor has it that a new line up will be announced next January at the Mac Expo. So it looks like I’m waiting a little longer.

I already caved on iLife 08 because I wanted it for my MacBook. Even if it came on a new Mac Pro, I’d still want iLife 08 on my MacBook. So the retail purchase was justified/necessary. Applying the same logic, I should be buying Leopard for the MacBook regardless of whether or not the Mac Pro I’ll buy ships with it or not. Besides, as far as the OS goes, I’m covered. Apple will throw me a Leopard upgrade for $9.95 if the machine I receive shipped with Tiger. The bottom line is, I need a retail box for the MacBook. So again, what’s the problem? The problem is I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep the MacBook. I’d hate to spent $129 of my Mac Pro money to have Apple turn around and release the long-rumored “MacBook Nano” a month later. I know as soon as a new laptop is released I’m going to want it.

So, wait for a Mac Pro update, or buy Leopard for the MacBook now and risk a new laptop release soon? It’s all about Leopard!

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Come October 26th, someone’s going to have to hold me down!

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