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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

My iPod Collection

I have a Shuffle for when I’m doing something like laundry, or I want to fall asleep to music. I like the Shuffle for those situations because it’s light, and I don’t even know it’s there.

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I like the Nano for work. I can fit about 30 CDs on it. So I have a nice mix of music to suit the mood I’m in and the work at hand. I listen to most of my new music while I’m sitting at my desk. As opposed to the Shuffle, I need the screen so I can check out the names of the songs. Also, when people ask me how the kids are doing I can show them some of my most recent photos.

I recently sold my 30G Video iPod to raise the cash for an iPod Touch. Sure, having 30 Gigs of music was nice, but I never used it for videos or photos. So the Video was sort of overkill. After some consideration, I figured the Touch was going to be overkill too.

The mini is the newest addition to my iPod lineup. I still need an iPod for the car and I have always wanted the Mini. I opted for the 20 Gig 4th generation iPod when it was released, so I missed the boat on the Mini. At the time I had no need for 2 iPods. Besides, 4 Gigs didn’t seem like much at the time. I wanted to carry my whole collection. Now, I’m all about just carrying my favorites and the new music I’ve purchased. I think the Mini has quickly become my favorite iPod. What’s old is new again. It looks awesome, and it just “feels” good. When I hold a Nano, it doesn’t feel like a $200 mp3 player.

I think all my iPods connected at once just looks cool.

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