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iPhone 5 Dock

Since I've upgraded to an iPhone 6, it's time to retire the iPhone 5 to the shelf. When I was in the store picking up the iPhone 6, and shopping for a case, I took a look at the iPhone 5 docks. Apple still sells them in stores since the iPhone 5 is still widely in use. However, I didn't want to spend $30 bucks on a dock.

I jumped on eBay when I got home to see if I could find one on-the-cheap. Since the iPhone 5 is still in use by millions, the dock for it isn't exactly a legacy item. Try looking for an iPhone 3G dock. They can be had for a dollar.

People are still asking for upwards of $20 dollars for an iPhone 5 dock. Can you blame them? They probably had it for only a year when the iPhone 6 came out. They upgraded, and are looking to sell off their "old" stuff. It was really starting to look like an iPhone 5 dock couldn't be had for less than $20 bucks, when I spotted a Buy It Now auction for $9.95.

Sold! Not only was this dock only $10 bucks, but it came with a cheapie knockoff one too. So they were basically $5 bucks each. Can't go wrong with that!


It's a dock, so there's not much to look at. This didn't come with a box either, but beggars can't be choosers.


The knockoff version really is cheap. It's almost twice the size and feels really light and cheap. People knock Apple for their high prices, but hold the other guy's offering and you'll quickly see where the money goes. It's called "quality".


So there it is… the iPhone 5 in it's final resting place; ready to be put onto the shelf.


That's one more iOS device for the collection.