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iLife '11 - Now With Better Print Services

There are a few books that I’m working on for the holidays. I always give my wife a book of photo favorites taken of the kids throughout the year. I am also working on a vacation book for my parents. In addition to the books, my wife wants me to spin off a few calendars this year too.

I started working on them using iLife ’09, but seeing the new features added to iLife ’11....I just had to drop $50 to get the new version. The new enhancements made to the print services is too good to pass up.

Pasted Graphic 193

Pasted Graphic 194

I’m sooo glad Apple finally decided to pay some more attention to their print services. I always though that the books feature was treated like an afterthought.

The new fullscreen feature is awesome and it makes it really easy to get a better feel for how the overlook of you book is coming.

Pasted Graphic 195

My parent’s “Vacation in Rome” book is turning out great. Using my Google Ninja skills I managed to find most of the tourist attractions they went to using Google Maps. I could then search for interesting facts and history for each location and add them to the book.

Pasted Graphic 196

After I finished the book, I submitted my order and waited for it to arrive in the mail. As with previous books, it arrived in a nice Apple-branded slip-sleeve.


The print quality is great and it’ll make an awesome one-of-a-kind Christmas present.


They’re going to love it!