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Do you need old system software disks to boot your vintage Mac?

It's fun to look back at old Apple emails. Check them out.

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

Get Your Free Snow Leopard DVD While Supplies Last!

Apparently Apple is all hot to get every Mac user in the Cloud. To do so, you need Lion. To get Lion, you need the Mac App Store. To Get the Mac App Store you need at least OS X 10.6. What are you to do if you’re still on 10.5? You’d have to cough up some cash for the updates. Luckily, Apple’s willing to throw you a bone on this one by offering MobileMe members a free copy of 10.6. All you have to do from there is pay the $30 upgrade fee for Lion.

Once you log into your MobileMe account, you are greeted with an invitation to get a free copy of Snow Leopard.

Pasted Graphic

Once you fill out your information and submit it, you’ll receive a confirmation screen....

Pasted Graphic 1 well as an email.

Pasted Graphic 2

About a week later, Snow Leopard arrives in the mail.

Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 4

No frills, I know. I was hoping for a box, or at least some sort of custom packaging. It’s just the DVD in a sleeve with a thick license agreement. I would have preferred some custom packaging over a huge EULA in 12 languages that I’ll never read, but hey, it’s free. I can always use an extra disk.