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New Credenza for Free

I never liked the fact that my Apple IIs were cramped on top of a dresser drawer. The dresser served as storage for various office supplies, batteries, tools, blank optical media, and commonly used cables. The bookcase I’ve always had lying around but it wasn’t being fully utilized since it’s pretty skinny and I can’t seem to fit any computers on top of it. It’s taking up space and I’d like to replace it with something that I can use to display more computers. Ideally I’d like to get my hands on another credenza like the two that I already have. That way, I can spread the IIs out a bit and hopefully fit another computer or two.

Pasted Graphic 1785

From time to time, the facilities guys at work sell off old office equipment and furniture in a company garage sale. That’s how I came into possession of the two credenzas I have. So I checked with the facilities guy at work to see if they had a matching credenza lying around that maybe they were looking to get rid if. No such luck. They did have a third, but they sold it at the company garage sale the same time that I purchased my two. I knew I should have bought all three! Anyway, he checked the storage room and located a credenza that he was saving for the next garage sale. He said I could just take it if I wanted it. Score!

Pasted Graphic 1784

It’s not bad. It has some drawers that I filled up with the supplies from the dresser. I cleared off the bookcase and moved the printers to the shelves that are built into the wall. It makes a good fit considering the credenza is probably of the same vintage and the computers it displays.

Now if I score a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, a Lisa, or a Macintosh TV, I’ll have somewhere to put it. Free furniture rocks!