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iPod Repair: An Exercide in Futility

I picked up 5 broken iPods on eBay the other week. My plan is to fix ‘em up and sell them back on eBay for a profit.

Pasted Graphic 29

So far, 3 hard drives are confirmed dead.


I picked up another 2 new ones. So I have 5 working hard drives. Since all the iPods still don’t work, I am suspecting that the logic boards are at fault.

UPDATE 06/10/07

Ok, this was a bust.

After picking up an external hard drive enclosure to test the drives, I was able to determine that all the drives are good.


So, all the logicboards must be toast. It’s not worth paying the extra money to fix them. I was hoping that I would have a good mix of logicboard/hard drive failures to at least make a few working iPods, and sell off the remaining parts. No such luck. Purchasing 5 logicboards will throw my profit margin in the red, so I sold them all back up on eBay and got my money back.

Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Needless to say, I’ll be buying a new iPod, since I hosed mine trying to use it as a hard drive test fixture. So I guess something was lost.