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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

My Ever-Growing Vintage OS Collection

I’m really starting to dig the collections-within-collections here.

When I first started out collecting, I basically wanted a 128K, 512K, Mac Plus, and an SE. In the process of collecting those, I pretty much wanted everything and anything I could get my hands on. And while that’s still kinda true, I’m starting to focus mini collections like Mac-like things, (QuickTake cameras, Newtons) Airport Base Stations, iPods, posters, and now, Apple branded software and Operating Systems.

I hit the mother-load with this $30 lot. $5 bucks a piece? Garage sale prices!

Pasted Graphic 479

Pasted Graphic 480

Wow, that’s 2 AppleWorks! You know what they say: Two’s a coincidence. Three’s a collection! Almost there!

System 7.5

Prior to scoring this lot, I had already picked up a copy of 7.5 to put on my Color Classic. I was hoping it was 7.5.5, but the eBay selling didn’t post that so I crossed my fingers. It turned out to be 7.5.3.

The box was a little beat up, but that’s OK

Pasted Graphic 481

Pasted Graphic 482

The MacLink and AOL disk were missing, but it still came with the Internet Connection Kit, which is pretty cool.

Pasted Graphic 483

The 7.5 box that came with the lot looked a little different than the one I already had. It turned out to be 7.5.0. As a nice bonus, it came with a cool eWorld pamphlet and CD-ROM.

Pasted Graphic 484

Pasted Graphic 485

Pasted Graphic 486

Pasted Graphic 487

Pasted Graphic 488

Pasted Graphic 489

System 7.6

This one is in pretty nice shape. Too bad it’s missing the MacLink and AOL disks.

Pasted Graphic 490

Pasted Graphic 491

Pasted Graphic 492

System 8.0

Very nice to finally get my hands on OS 8. The iMac that I scored had OS 8.6 installed. However, the installation was corrupt and it didn’t boot. I jumped right to OS 9 since I didn’t have an OS 8 disk. So I’ve never really had the chance to tinker with OS 8.

Pasted Graphic 493

Pasted Graphic 494

Pasted Graphic 495

System 8.5

Ooooh! QuickTime 3 Pro! For free!

Pasted Graphic 496

Pasted Graphic 497

Pasted Graphic 498

OS X 10.1

I also just scored 2 unopened OS X 10.1 upgrades. I’m amazed at how cheap these were. One got kind of banged up in the mail, so I opened it. I couldn't resist. At $8.95 each, I was going to keep one sealed and open one anyway. So I guess it worked out.

Pasted Graphic 499

Pasted Graphic 500

Pasted Graphic 501

Sweet how it came with an OS 9 upgrade too. I think that extra “Welcome to Mac OS X” book is going to end up in a frame. It looks pretty cool.

Pasted Graphic 502

Pasted Graphic 503

Pretty sweet to see OS X from the early days. I should throw that on my iMac. It kind of runs like a dog with 10.2.

I’d love to get my hands on the Public Beta as well as the 10.0 retail box, but those are getting really hard to find nowadays. Patience.