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It's fun to look back at old Apple emails. Check them out.

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

My Ever-Growing Vintage Apple Collection

Needless to say, I moved the computer room again. Even though the other room is a little bit bigger, there’s 2 doors. That wasted poster space. Also, the new room I’m in now has a lot of shelving built right into the wall. It’s been the kids’ play room for the past 2 years, and it was ideal for toys and stuff. They could use a bigger room to jump around. I could use the shelving and the wall space for my vintage Apple stuff.

Everyone’s a winner!

I spent the whole weekend moving the two rooms around and giving the computer room a fresh coat of paint.

I also took the opportunity to rearrange the posters and hang them together by size. I now have a whole wall freed up. It’s just itching to be filled with posters and/or shelves. There’s at least another 3 posters I’d love to get my hands on, but I might end up needing more shelf space If I fill up the ones by the windows. It might look cool having a few more shelves up to display vintage boxes and stuff.

Pasted Graphic 545

2000 MacWorld Yin Yan iMac poster
1998 Jim Henson Think Different poster
1997 Buzz Aldrin Think Different poster
LEGO Happy Mac

Mac 128K, Mac 512K, Mac Plus, Mac Classic, Bondi Blue iMac, Mac SE
ImageWriter II. All machines have a matching external floppy. (Even the iMac.)

Pasted Graphic 546

Mac SE, external SCSI CD-ROM, Zip 100 SCSI, ImageWriter II, Logitech ScanMan, Mac Color Classic, AppleDesign Speakers II, AppleCD 300e Plus, StyleWriter II

Pasted Graphic 547

1997 Albert Einstein Think Different poster
2003 Apple employees only poster
1995 Mac OS poster

I still need to do some organizing. For now, the right side of the book cases is dedicated to vintage software and books. The top is for empty boxes.

Pasted Graphic 548

The left is still a mish-mosh. This will be dedicated to smaller hardware and promo materials. Like a shelf for iPods. A shelf for Newtons. A shelf for QuickTake, PowerCD, AirportBase Stations, etc.

Pasted Graphic 549

Pasted Graphic 550