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Do you need old system software disks to boot your vintage Mac?

It's fun to look back at old Apple emails. Check them out.

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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

eMate 300

Wow! It’s pretty hard to find these guys with the box and papers. I scored this for $25 dollars. Yes sir. That’s $25 dollars. With the box, adapter, and most of the papers and software. Not bad at all.

Pasted Graphic 505

The box is a little beaten up (and written on), but I’m glad I even have one. The eMate 300 was only supplied to the educational market. The machines were administered by the school's IT department and given right to the classroom. They probably were kept in a closet over the summer vacation to be handed off to the next group of students the following year. Over time those boxes, manuals and CDs ended up in the dumpster.

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It came with a stylus, but not an original. Also, being that all of these were used in a classroom setting, they were usually defaced by the local IT department in one way or another. This one has the class number etched into the bottom case as well as a metal ID tag glued to the front of the keyboard. Removing the metal plate and adhesive is easy enough, but the bottom of the case will have to be replaced if I’m to have a mint condition model.

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Yeah! Free Modem!

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The battery is dead and doesn’t hold a charge. Luckily this eMate came with a power adapter.

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I calibrated the screen and had a look around.

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It’s pretty cool. It doesn’t do much, but what do you expect for a 15 year old laptop? Besides, it runs the Newton OS, it didn’t do much to begin with. Still, a great addition to any vintage Apple collection.