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A Better Looking eMate 300

Although it was missing a stylus, the box was a little beat up, and the eMate itself had some school identifying marks etched on it, I was very pleased with my first eMate 300 purchase.

I set out to find a better enclosure for it, as well as a stylus. My intention was to find a broken eMate on the cheap with the hopes that I could just swap the enclosures. I figured being school units, they’d all have some sort of markings on them. Over time, perhaps I’d be able to find enough units to piece together a mint one. Maybe even find one with the stylus.

As luck would have it, I scored yet another eMate 300 in the box with not only a stylus, but the User Guide that I didn’t even know I was missing. As a bonus, the box is even in better condition.

Since these were only available to schools, I suspect this was ordered by a teacher and brought home and given to their child for their birthday. There’s still a little piece of what looks like birthday wrapping paper taped to the bottom of the box.

Pasted Graphic 573

Pasted Graphic 574

Wilma from the Flintstones? The Little Mermaid? Google Image Search came up empty.

Pasted Graphic 575

Wow! It even has the original packaging material.

Pasted Graphic 576

This eMate is a gem. There’s no stickers, school markings, or engravings on it. It’s in perfect working order with the original power supply and stylus. I don’t think this unit ever saw the inside of a classroom.

Pasted Graphic 577

It also still has the unused name tag insert.

Pasted Graphic 578

Pasted Graphic 579

Pasted Graphic 580

Pasted Graphic 581

Here’s that owners manual that I didn’t even know I was missing. Looks like a pretty hefty read.

Pasted Graphic 582

The Teacher’s Guide and the Graphing Calculator manual was also included.

Pasted Graphic 583

Pasted Graphic 584

It also came with the Connectivity CD.

Pasted Graphic 585

Original power supply.

Pasted Graphic 586

Pasted Graphic 587

Diagnostics: 1 MB of RAM. Wow.

Pasted Graphic 588

After a quick calibration, the machine was up and running.

Pasted Graphic 589

And there it is. The Newton OS.

Pasted Graphic 590

Pasted Graphic 591

Awesome. Just awesome.