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I Made My Own 3-Port iPhone Charger

With the addition of the iPhone 4 to my collection, it has been made clear that I need a 3-way charging solution for my iPhones. I find myself constantly juggling power supplies, docks, and cables in order to make sure that all my iPhones are charged when I need them.

See, 3 docks (one of which I built myself), 3 cables. A mess. Don’t forget, I also have an iPad, so I’m constantly snatching a cable from one of the docks to sync it with my Mac. I have extra cables, but still, I find myself hunting and pecking for them, as well as places to plug them in.

Pasted Graphic 187

I started with this handy-dandy cigar box. I used to keep all my iPods in it. With a few Universal Dock adapters, a USB hub, and some paint, it’ll make the perfect iPhone charging Station.

Pasted Graphic 188

Paint, paint, paint. Several coats of flat white.

Pasted Graphic 189

Hot glued some iPhone cables.

Pasted Graphic 190

Hot glued a USB hub and ran the power cord out the back.

Pasted Graphic 191

Done. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. As long as you have all the parts, you can throw one of these together in a day.

Pasted Graphic 192