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1988 CH Products Apple II Joystick

I scored this vintage CH Products Apple II Joystick for $14. Admittedly, a little more that I wanted to pay for a non-Apple-branded joystick. I was expecting these things to be about $5 bucks. I guess they’re pretty hard to find nowadays. I bet come summertime I’ll find one at a garage sale for a buck and kick myself. However, it’s the beginning of February and I need a joystick for the IIe and //c now. So eBay pricing it is.

Still, this is pretty cool. Very 80s retro. Looks like CH Products tried to get their joysticks to look just like Apple’s. Even down to the orange and beige color scheme.

Pasted Graphic 1232

No box, but the seller included the manual.

Pasted Graphic 1231

It’s pretty filthy. I bet it’s been sitting in a garage for the past 20 years. It’s going to need a good cleaning.

Pasted Graphic 1230

Pasted Graphic 1229

Pasted Graphic 1228

I can’t remember if I had the Apple joystick as a kid or if it was this one, because it just looks way too familiar.

Pasted Graphic 1227

I plugged it in the //c and fired up Donkey Kong. Works like a charm. I can finally rock my old-school games with a joystick. Playing games with the keyboard is just brutal!

Pasted Graphic 1226


I could just just wipe the whole thing down with some alcohol and have at it with some Q-tips, but there’s too many little nooks and crannies that are caked with dirt and grime. It needs to be taken apart and washed in the sink. I might even give it a quick dip just to lighten it up a bit.

Pasted Graphic 1225

Let’s get to it.

Remove the bottom feet with a small flathead screwdriver.

Pasted Graphic 1224

Once the feet have been removed, remove the 4 case screws and remove the bottom cover.

Pasted Graphic 1223

Screw in the X and Y axis trim knobs.

Pasted Graphic 1222

Once you’ve screwed them in enough, they’ll clear the case and you can slide the whole inner assembly out.

Pasted Graphic 1221

Flip the inner assembly to the side, being careful not to tear any wires.

Pasted Graphic 1220

The two switches are held in place by two tabs. You can pop them with a screwdriver.

Pasted Graphic 1219

Then pull the switches through the front. The caps pull right off.

Pasted Graphic 1218

The wires aren’t soldered on. They pull right off. I marked the switches so I’d know later on where the wires go.

Pasted Graphic 1217

Once the wires have been disconnected, you can pull them back through the case.

Pasted Graphic 1216

Remove the mode switches from the top cover.

Pasted Graphic 1215

Back to the inner assembly. Unscrew the trim knobs.

Pasted Graphic 1214

Remove the 2 top screws from the cap.

Pasted Graphic 1213

Remove the top cap and switch cover.

Pasted Graphic 1212

Gently pull out the switch. The wires are soldered on.

Pasted Graphic 1211

Fire up the soldering iron and remove the switch.

Pasted Graphic 1210

Once the switch has been removed, the other two plastic pieces can be removed.

Pasted Graphic 1209

That’s it. All ready for cleaning and dipping. I gave them a good scrubbing in the sink. I used a toothbrush to get into all the small little recesses.


I let the parts sit in some retr0brite for a couple of hours just to lighten them up a bit.

Pasted Graphic 1208


Solder the switch back into the stick and rebuilt the top. Put the trim knobs back.

Pasted Graphic 1207

Put the 2 switches back in and reconnect the wires.

Pasted Graphic 1206

Put the mode switches back into the top cover and drop the inner assembly back in. Reattach the cable strain relief. It’s keyed, so it only goes in one way.

Pasted Graphic 1205

Screw the bottom cover back on and reattach the feet.

Pasted Graphic 1204

Looks awesome! Let’s see some before and after pics!

Pasted Graphic 1203

Pasted Graphic 1202

Pasted Graphic 1201

Pasted Graphic 1200

Pasted Graphic 1199

Pasted Graphic 1198

Pasted Graphic 1197

Pasted Graphic 1196

Wow, this joystick came out nice. Looks as good as new.

Now let’s rock some Pac-Man!