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Apple //e - A UPS Horror Show

Errrr! I‘m so mad! I scored this Apple //e with monitor, 5.25 floppy drive, and a ton of software for a paltry $76 dollars.

UPS just dropped it off tonight, and upon opening the box, I discovered the horror show within. The seller thought it would be a good idea to put the monitor on top of the //e without any padding in between the two! There were some foam blocks on either end of the box, but no bubble wrap between the monitor and the //e. Plastic-on-plastic. Can you believe that!?

Needless to say, it’s pretty smashed up. Some of the keys are broken off. The monitor just kind of teeters on the one side since the front-right foot isn’t supported by anything.

Pasted Graphic 795

The seller also included a ton of software. As you can see, the floppy holder was also smashed.

Pasted Graphic 796

The //e was from an elementary school, so all the software are learning based tools/apps for kids. However, there were two original Apple floppies in the mix. That was a nice surprise.

Pasted Graphic 797

Needless to say, I’ve already filed a claim with UPS for the damages. (Fingers crossed.)

Anyway, let’s have a look. It’s pretty dirty inside. I’m not going to bother cleaning it since I’m just going to replace this unit. On the upside, this unit came with a floppy controller and an 80 column / 64K memory expansion card.

Pasted Graphic 798

The case is trashed, so for now I taped as much of it back together as I could.

Pasted Graphic 799

Pasted Graphic 800

Pasted Graphic 801

Pasted Graphic 802

Pasted Graphic 803

Despite it having some broken keys and being all smashed up, it works. I got the chance to play around with some of the software and verify that the floppy drive works. For now, I’ll clean up the monitor and floppy drive and hop back on eBay for another //e.

Pasted Graphic 804

For now, I put the floppy drive up against the side to try and conceal the damage. Once I get my hands on a new unit, I’ll most likely just sell this one. Worst-case scenario, I’ll buy a dead one on eBay on-the-cheap and swap the guts.

Pasted Graphic 805