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Apple //e - Now With Less UPS FAIL

As luck would have it, I scored a “like new” //e on eBay for $50 bucks! I’m most likely getting back the $76 from the unit that UPS trashed. So I’m basically getting the monitor, floppy drive, and 5.25 floppies for free! It all worked out in the end.

The new Apple //e finally arrived today. It looks great. It’s practically spotless.

Pasted Graphic 830

Pasted Graphic 831

Pasted Graphic 832

Pasted Graphic 833

There’s a few scratches on the bottom of the case, but no big deal.

Pasted Graphic 834

Even the inside is nice and clean.

Pasted Graphic 835

The board is dated 1984. The ink is a little smudged, but it’s definitely a “4”. Not bad for a 27 year old machine.

Pasted Graphic 836

The case is yellowed; that’s to be expected. However, it’s nice to find a spot that isn’t discolored. It helps during the restoration process to know what color it’s supposed to be.

Pasted Graphic 837

Some of the port covers are missing from the back which tells me at some point this machine had some expansion cards. I take it that the previous owner took it upon them self to relieve this unit of said cards. I’ll have to move the floppy drive controller and memory expansion card from the old unit on the left to the new one on the right.

Pasted Graphic 838

First up is the floppy drive controller, dated 1983.

Pasted Graphic 839

Followed by the 80 column / 64K memory expansion card, dated 1985.

Pasted Graphic 840

That was easy. Let’s power it up and hope that it works!

Pasted Graphic 842

Oh yea!

Pasted Graphic 843

One more machine to add to the list of “things to dip in retr0brite when the weather gets nice”!