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Apple II Super Serial Card

I’m still trying to bridge the gap between the Apple II and my Mac Pro. With this Super Serial Card I’m one step closer.

Pasted Graphic 1367

I thought I had a 25 pin to 9 pin serial cable, but they’re all 9 pin. I have a USB to serial adapter, but that’s no good without a 25 pin adapter. Looks like I’ll need one more thing before I can push a disk image to the Apple II.

Pasted Graphic 1372

I scored the Super Serial Card for $21.49. The prices on these have really gone up. There were a few auctions for $10 bucks or so, but I kept missing them.

I’m going to use ADTPro to transfer disk images. In order to do so, the card has to be configured properly.

Set the switches:

SW1: 1001111 SW2: 1101100

Pasted Graphic 1371

Configure the card block to “Terminal”. If you’re using a null modem cable, point the block the other way.

Pasted Graphic 1370

Pop open the Apple II and install the card in slot 1.

Pasted Graphic 1369

Secure the port with 2 screws and close it up.

Pasted Graphic 1368

And that’s it. Once I get my hands on a 25 to 9 pin serial cable, I think I’ll be good to go.