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Apple //c ROM Upgrade

Since my Apple //c is an original, it has an old ROM. Needless to say, I can’t just plug in a UniDisk drive and expect to read 3.5” floppies. I need a //c Plus or a ROM upgrade to do that. Luckily, I found a guy on eBay selling new ROMs for $12 bucks.

Let’s get to it.

Remove the top cover.

Pasted Graphic 1384

Remove the keyboard by disconnecting the ribbon cable.

Pasted Graphic 1383

Locate the W1 and W2 jumpers. You’ll need to take a razor blade or knife and cut the W1 jumper. You’ll also have to fire up your soldering iron and drop a blob of solder on W2.

Pasted Graphic 1382

Using a chip puller, pull out the old ROM.

Pasted Graphic 1381

And pop in the new one, making sure pin 1 is on the left.

Pasted Graphic 1379

Now for W1. Break the connection in the middle with a knife or razor blade.

Pasted Graphic 1380

And W2, drop a blob of solder on it to connect both sides.

Pasted Graphic 1377

Before I button everything back up, I’ll make sure it works first. If all is good, the new ROM should give me a new diagnostic mode.

Power the machine on and you’ll notice that it now displays 3.5” Disk at the top.

Pasted Graphic 1376

Holding the open-apple and closed-apple keys while powering the machine on will initiate a diagnostic. The diagnostic will run for a minute. If all is good, it’ll wrap up with a “System OK” message.

Pasted Graphic 1375


Pasted Graphic 1374

With the ROM upgraded, this bad boy is good for reading 3.5” floppies. I just need to get my hands on a UniDisk. I’ve missed the past 2 or 3 auctions. The last one went for about $160 bucks! People are crazy. I expected to score one for $20 bucks or so, but it seems these drives are pretty rare. I guess I’m spoiled after scoring those two Macintosh 3.5” drives for $1.50.