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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

AppleCD 600e

Insane! Scored an AppleCD 600e in the box for only $20.51!!!!! This beauty from 1995 is complete in the box. (With the exception of an eWorld CD. But I’m not sure if they all came with that or not.) What a score. I am so happy with this one.

I already have an AppleCD 300e Plus connected to my Color Classic, but I’ve had to swap it back and forth a few times between the Color Classic and my Classic to play around with some OS 7 installs. So this will not only make things easier, it’ll make each Mac look that much more “tricked out”.

The box is a little beat up, but they usually are, being almost 20 years old and all. You can’t really complain about the condition when finding vintage Apple products in the box. In my experience (spending a portion of almost every day combing eBay for treasures) I can confidently say that vintage Apple products very rarely come with the box.

Pasted Graphic 667

Pasted Graphic 668

Pasted Graphic 669

I removed the outer sleeve and opened the box.

Pasted Graphic 670

There was another box inside for the accessories and paperwork.

Pasted Graphic 671

Manual, CD-ROM driver, power cord, and SCSI cable. The seller even threw in a terminator.

Pasted Graphic 672

Here’s a close-up. There’s definitely some yellowing. It’ll need a retrobrite dip at some point.

Pasted Graphic 673

I had the AppleCD 300e Plus connected to Color Classic. So I moved it over to the Classic.

Pasted Graphic 674

I’m still so annoyed that I lost the volume knob during the retrobrite restoration session. I’ve torn this house apart looking for it. The only thing I can think of is that I dropped it outside somewhere. Every time I look at it I grit my teeth. I’ll have to replace it/fix it at some point. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cheap CD-ROM that has the same style/size volume knob that I can just swipe. It’s been 6 months and so far no luck. I mean, there’s plenty of old Apple CD-ROMs on eBay, but I’m not paying $24.99 for a knob. I’d just as well buy a new 300e, in the box.

Anyway, the 600 looks, well, the same as the 300 next to the Color Classic. I still have to dip the Color Classic. It’s looking pretty yellow. So many Macs, so little time.

Pasted Graphic 675

I didn’t even have to install any drivers. As soon as I popped in the CD and launched the installer, it told me that the drivers and utilities on the Mac was newer than what was on the CD. That must have been the result of the OS 7.5 install I did.

The audio is pretty good, nothing compared to my Mac Pro setup, so I don’t think I’ll be using it as a jukebox any time soon. I don’t know if the iPhone video will do it justice, but here’s some period music as a sample. A little Alice in Chains.