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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

Apple TV - First Generation, "Take Two"

The latest installment in my Apple TV collection is the second revision of the first generation Apple TV from 2008. The packaging is different, but the Apple TV is identical. Even the part number is the same.

What Apple changed was the software. They upped HD output to 1080p with the new “Take Two” firmware upgrade. It’s not true 1080p; more like what happens when you upscale a DVD. The revamped interface adds HD downloads and rentals from iTunes. The Apple TV can now access iTunes media directly. You can sync purchased content back to your machine if you want, but you no longer need to download content on your computer first and then sync it over.

The “Take Two” upgrade was a software download available to all Apple TV owners. I guess in an attempt to reboot the Apple TV, Apple felt the need to redo the packaging too. Nothing says “new product” like new packaging.

Pasted Graphic 1051
Pasted Graphic 1058
Pasted Graphic 1059

Just like my original Apple TV, this one is “gently used”. Not a scratch.

Pasted Graphic 1057

Along with the packaging overhaul, Apple made a small change to the manual. They added “Setup Guide” to the cover.

Pasted Graphic 1056

As no hardware changes were made, the back is exactly the same. It’s still a first generation Apple TV.

Pasted Graphic 1055

One more for the shelf.

Pasted Graphic 1054

The collection is now complete, for now. I’m sure a new 1080p version is in the works.

Pasted Graphic 1053

I’ve been on a crazy eBay shopping spree this past month. It seems every other day I’m having to reorganize the shelves to fit boxes. Not that I mind!

Pasted Graphic 1052