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1987 Apple Tape Backup 40SC

This is an Apple Tape Backup 40SC from 1987. You don’t see a lot of these. They must have cost a pretty penny back in the day. I was fortunate enough to score one with a SCSI cable and 2 backup tapes for only $52 bucks.

Tape Backup 40SC_0149Tape Backup 40SC_0148Tape Backup 40SC_0151Tape Backup 40SC_0153Tape Backup 40SC_0152

Overall it’s in really nice shape. No scratches, chips, or gouges. Just a little yellowing on the bottom.

Tape Backup 40SC_0155

You can see on the bottom that it’s dated 1987.

Tape Backup 40SC_0156

There’s also a signature and date written on the inside; probably from someone at the factory.

Tape Backup 40SC_0164

The machine uses DC 2000 tape cartridges. They are pretty cheap nowadays. You can get them on eBay for $5 bucks. I have my fingers crossed that these tapes will work, but most likely they won’t.

Tape Backup 40SC_0159

For starters, this tape is all chewed up. It looks like it’s flipped. Too bad these guys are riveted together or I’d crack it open and fix it.

Tape Backup 40SC_0179

This one has a bunch of goop oozing out of it.

Tape Backup 40SC_0181

I opened up the machine just to have a look.

Tape Backup 40SC_0166

Not much to see. It looks similar to a SCSI hard drive. It’s basically just a power supply connected to a drive.

Tape Backup 40SC_0167

I connected it to my SE and booted it up.

Tape Backup 40SC_0169

Just to make sure that the cables and device IDs were all playing nicely together, I fired up Lido. All 3 devices showed up exactly where they should.

Tape Backup 40SC_0193

The software that was originally included with the Tape Backup 40SC was called Tape Backup 40SC 2.0.1. Apple pretty much abandoned the drive with System 7, so it’ll only work on something like System 6.0.8.

My SE has System 7 on it, but it’s not a show-stopper. I just booted it up with a System 6.0.8 disk that I had copied Tape Backup 40SC 2.0.1 to.

Tape Backup 40SC_0174

I launched the app and got a splash screen. That’s a good sign because when I tried the app in Mini vMac before writing it to disk, I got a pop up complaining about no drive being detected. So I think I’m off to a good start.

Tape Backup 40SC_0176

I didn’t want to copy my entire hard drive. That might take forever. I just want to make sure that this thing worked. I selected “Backup Files”.

Tape Backup 40SC_0184

It then popped up another window that let me choose what drive I wanted to select my files from. I navigated to my hard drive...

Tape Backup 40SC_0186

...and selected a file. I then clicked on “Backup”.

Tape Backup 40SC_0187

It then asked me to insert a tape.

Tape Backup 40SC_0189

I popped in the one that wasn’t all twisted and crossed my fingers. I then pressed “Continue”. The red light came on for a second, and then just flashed.

Tape Backup 40SC_0182

I then got an error message stating that “The tape device is not responding to commands...”.

Tape Backup 40SC_0191

I hope that means it’s just a bad tape, as I suspect. I hopped on eBay and ordered a new one. Thanks to some speedy shipping, I only had to wait a few days for it.


Now that’s what I’m talking about. Nice and clean.


I popped the tape in and selected “Format Cartridge...”.


Unfortunately, it was met with the same results. I hope it’s not a mechanical problem. I’ll have to play around with the SCSI chaining and see if that helps. Maybe I’ll remove the 80SC and the Zip drive and see if that improves things.


More to come...