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New Apple In-Ear Headphones

Merry Christmas!

This year the Apple gift-giving was rather light. I would have loved a new MacBook, but we didn’t have a spare $2000 lying around. I settled for the new $79 In-Ear Headphones. I’ve been dying to get a pair ever since Apple announced them back in September. It took Apple just about 3 months to start shipping them. So the timing ended up making them an awesome Christmas gift.

At first I was really disappointed with the quality when I popped them into my ears. At first I thought it was my iPhone. I compared them to the headphones that shipped with my iPhone. To my surprise, and my disappointment, I found the iPhone headphones to sound much, much better. The In-Ear headphones sounded very tiny and had zero bass.

I then tried them on a 5th generation iPod Video and again, they sounded like a tin can. I thought these things were supposed to sound amazing, and yet, the cheap crappy iPhone headphones sound better. I tried the small and medium ear buds. They made no difference. I even let my brother have a listen. The screwed up face he made said it all.

That was 3 days ago. I just tried them on the Mac Pro and to my delight, they sound amazing! I don’t know what has changed, or what I did, but they now have some pretty sweet bass where before it was nil. I thought maybe it was just the Mac Pro, so I plugged them back into my iPhone and now they sound great. I haven’t adjusted any EQ settings so I really don’t know why they sound so much better than they did 3 days ago. I was pretty sure the ear buds were on correctly. Who cares! I’m just glad that my $79 headphones sound better than the cheapie ones that Apple gives away.

They come with a little tube that holds the large and small ear buds. The ones on the phones are medium.

Pasted Graphic 38

Pasted Graphic 39

Extra mesh caps are also supplied.

Pasted Graphic 40