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I'm a total Apple addict, as you might tell.

Apple Accessories

I had a $100 to burn and I was in the mall. The Apple Store’s always a good place to blow some cash.

I picked myself up the iPad Camera Connection Kit, the new Apple Battery Charger, and some iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapters.

iPad Camera Connection Kit

This thing is awesome and it works just as you’d expect. You plug it into your iPad and the pictures pop right up. You press “Import” and you’re off to the races. Doesn’t get any easier. All the images you see here were loaded onto my iPad using the SD card adapter. I then connected the iPad to my Mac and imported the images. Boom.

Pasted Graphic 174

Pasted Graphic 175

Pasted Graphic 176

Apple Battery Charger

I’ve been using wireless mice since Apple debuted the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse in 2006. I’m so tired of burning through money on AA batteries. Hopefully these new batteries will save me a ton of cash in the long run since I’ll be using them on my Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Pasted Graphic 177

Pasted Graphic 178

Pasted Graphic 179

Pasted Graphic 180

iPhone 4 Universal Dock Adapters

Now that I have an iPhone 4, I’ll need a new dock since my 3G dock won’t fit. My DIY stand works, but it’s not the best fit. I decided to buy some dock adapters so I can use my Universal Dock for the iPhone 4. I just can’t see myself dropping another $29 on yet another dock. Not for nothing, but for $300 bucks, the iPhone 4 should have come with one.

Pasted Graphic 181

Pasted Graphic 182